Monday, November 1, 2010

Hari Priya Unseen Hot Pics

Homely Haripriya has not been experienced a great success in Sandalwood and turns her attention to Kollywood now. In addition, she decided to get rid of the naked eye, it is in the Kannada film for a sophisticated look to the Tamil language. Haripriya currently acts in the opposite direction Karaev Kanagavel Kakke. She has two songs range shot in Bangkok, she was satisfied with her glamorous beach clothing.

Buzz up!

Haripriya enrolled in four Kannada films so far. Manasugala Maatu Madhura and Vasant Kaali bombed in hand, and ambitious Mukhyamantri I keep for reasons unknown. Her latest film Ee Sambhashane about to release soon, But there are reports that actress is not a good relationship with manufacturers. By the way, away from music Haripriya
launch of the film, saying it has not been invited and it did not pay attention to promotional activities of the manufacturer.

On a positive note, Haripriya is one of the heroines in Cheluveye Ninna Shivarajkumar Nodalu and will soon fly to the Seven Wonders of the world learned for the film.


Kanagavel Kakka
Cast: Karan, Haripriya, Kota Srinivasan Rao, Raj Kapoor, Sampath Raj
Music Director: Vijay Antony
Producer: Saravana R
Director: Kavin Bala


2010 - Nande ( Kannada )

2010 - Kanagavel Kakka ( Tamil )

2010 - Naariya Seere Kadda ( Kannada )

2010 - Calendar ( Kannada )

2010 - Cheluveye Ninna Nodalu ( Kannada )

2009 - Kallara Santhe ( Kannada )

2009 - Ee Sambhashane ( Kannada )

2008 - Vasantha Kala ( Kannada )

2008 - Manasugala Mathu Madhura ( Kannada )

2004 - Rasikan ( Malayalam )

2000 - Varnnakazhchakal ( Malayalam )

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